Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All about me!!

I want: to make a difference in the lives of everyone
I have: 2 naughty dogs and a bratty bunny that only cause chaos and I love it
I dislike: Bills
I miss: living at home and having no bills.
I fear: losing someone I love
I feel: excited, sick, nausea's, chubby, tired and anxious.
I hear: my little peanut saying “I love my mommy”
I smell: everything right now!!
I crave: Café Rio
I search: . . .I’ve got nothing for this one!!
I wonder: what my future will bring
I regret: selling my civic I had when I was 18. It was paid off!
I love: waking up in the morning to a little smiling face one inch away. Yes mom I know that is not a good habit!
I care: for all living things
I always: try to smile no matter what
I worry: about everything, starving children, neglected animals, dying babies . . .like I said everything!
I am not: very patient at all.
I remember: the first time I held Ryn and looked into her eyes
I believe: that anything can be accomplished
I dance: around the house every night with Cam and Ryn
I sing: nursery rhymes in the car with Ryn and then to myself the rest of the day at work
I don't always: get my way and it pisses me off!
I lose: it by about 10:00 at night!
I wish: I was famous
I listen: to Rob Thomas, Nickel Back and Daughtry way too much
I don't understand: child abuse
I can usually: accomplish anything I start and that I put my mind too.
I need: to have my few moments of alone time!
I forget: how much I love being pregnant. Even the sickest of days I love
I am happy: to be blessed with another healthy baby

Monday, November 3, 2008


Ryn had a blast running around the hood with her cousins and handing out candy to all of her friends!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Carve #2 with the Messina's!

Last night was my families pumpkin carve at my house! It was good times. We pretty much carved pumpkins :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carve #1 with the Monty's

Sunday we had the Monty's Pumpkin Carve at Pompa Guys and Pompa Lanes. It was so much fun to see the kids dressed up and picking out their pumpkins from Pompas garden. After they carved and Ryn colored on their pumpkins we all sat around and watched the kids shake it to music. Well Holdyn and Ryn were the only ones shaking it, but it was great fun. We were even Lucky enough to hear Jaxson sign his favorite Halloween song! Then came the awards. Ryn got "most colored on pumpkin"! Way to go baby girl :) Stay tuned for Pumpkin carve 2 with the Messinas! Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lucky # 7

7 Things I Can Do
1- I can make people laugh . . .I am pretty dang funny :)
2- I can also make people cry . . .that isn't my best quality at all!
3- I can kick the crap out of most since I have my Black Belt!
4- I can organize like you can't believe.
5- I can give you a haircut if I absolutely have too.
6- I can out eat most . . .except my sister that is. She is also way skinner, what the hell!
7- I can be very honest a little to honest!

7 Things I Can't Do
1- I can't cook at all
2- Can't really dance. I sure try, but lets be honest!
3- I can't go 1 day with out smelling Ryns stinky toes
4- I can't go more then 3 hours with out food. I can, you just don't want to witness it.
5- Did I mention my lack of cooking skills
6- I can't wake up before 8:00
7- I can't watch half of a movie. I have to watch the whole thing

7 Things I Say Too Often
1- sh#!*# and I'm not working on it!
2- "Are you kidding me"
3- "Yo"
4- "I seriously want to kill that person"
5- "Dumb ass"
6- "That sucks"
7- and, "I am being nice"

7 Celebrity Admiration's
1. Cameron Gigandet (he is seriously hot)
2- Chris Daughtry . . .I am his girlfriend
3- Kevin James (he is my all time favorite)
4- Chad Kroeger
5- Kendra from Girls Next Door. (she has the best butt ever)
6- Rob Thomas
7- Ty for Extreme Home Makeover. Super annoying, but the guy means well!

7 Favorite Foods
1- Cafe Rio
2- Jamba Juice
3- Tomatoes
4- Arctic Circle fries
5- Sloppy Joes
6- Big Hunks
7- GodFathers Pizza

7 People I Tag
1- Taylor
2- Kirby
3- Rob Dog
4- Heather
5- Whitney
6- Tiff
7 -Jill

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Flu Shot!

Ryn was super funny when she got her shot yesterday. On the way to the Dr. Office she was bouncing around and singing all about her flu shot, so I knew that she didn't really know what a shot was, so I told her that mommy will hold her hand because it is going to pinch a little, but it will be ok. She just looked at me like whatever. I sat her on the bed and said ok hold mommy's hand and lets sing the ABC's. We got to "e" and then came the shot. She jumped so high and stopped singing so fast. Then her eyes watered and said "oh mommy she pinched me". She cried for not even 2 seconds and then decided she was fine. Megan our girl that gives the shots asked her if she could have a huge before we left. Ryn kinda looked at me for a second and then turned to her and said "ok, but please don't pinch me this time!!" Oh it was so cute. Then I told her how brave she was and that mommy was going to have to get a flu shot in the next couple of days. She looked at me dead serious and said, "don't worry mom I will hold your hand, because it is going to pinch really really bad"! How cute is that :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thank you!!

Nama and Papa are pretty much the bomb! They are so awesome to us 3 girls, and even more awesome to their 3 amazing grand kids. I just wanted to tell both of you how much all of us appreciate everything you do for us from getting us out of the the bottomless holes we throw ourselves in, to the Harley rides and talks. We are forever grateful. Thank you so much for not only being the best Nama and Papa ever, but for also being our best friends.

We love you so much!